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Partner's new e-shop

 The new e-shop of our partner Mathias Stephan is online! He ships throughout Germany and also offers hoof work and assembly of fittings in the vicinity (location: Treuenbrietzen). You can find the shop at -> [Shop]


03/09/2019 - 03/17/2019


It's that time again! From the 09th to the 17th of March 2019, we and our team will be present at Europe's biggest horse fair, the Equitana in Essen - the perfect opportunity to get to know our products first hand or to increase your stock of ESPRIT's! We also offer you great prices here again - take the measurements of your horses hooves  in advance and bring them with you to benefit from them. The easiest way is to measure and record the widest width and the longest length of the hoof, or by placing the hoof on a sheet of paper and drawing the outline. Together we will find out which fitting suits your horse best. Hall 1, stand 1-A25.

We will also introduce the prototype of our new hoof boots 'Adventure'!

We are looking forward to your visit!


New partner: Anja Jäckel

Recently, we are working together with Anja Jäckel, a state-approved Blacksmith and hoof trimmer. She is the director of the Center for Hoof Care, Hoof Protection & Horse Health, where she has been providing information evenings, hoof-, riding- and groundwork courses for horse owners for several years and training new 'hoof professionals'.

Here are a few words from Anja about her person:

"I was born in 1982, started vaulting at the age of 4, riding on Icelandic horses at the age of 7. At the age of 12, I bought my first horse of my own savings, which I gained through riding other peoples horses, training horses for competitions and giving riding lessons. During school holiday I went with different farriers and after high school I did the hoof care and hoof technique training at the BESW Hufakademie and the corresponding examinations at the German Hoof Register, as well as the apprenticeship of the University of Veterinary Medicine Berlin to the state recognized blacksmith.
Since 2003 I am self-employed in the Kassel area. I specialize in barefoot trimming and alternative hoof protection - which is why the ESPRIT fits in well with my concept.
In 2013, I founded the Center for Hoof Care, Hoof Protection & Horse Health. Here I offer a variety of courses and seminars, as well as hoof care and Hoof Technique training and have the opportunity to treat horses on site/ provide them with orthopedic hoof protection or to hospitalize them for hoof therapy."

For more information about Anja, please visit her homepage


Pferd & Jagd
12/06/2018 - 12/09/2018

At the beginning of December, Europe's largest fair for horseback riding, hunting and fishing will once again take place at the Hannover Exhibition Center, where we will be represented with our team and our ESPRIT products.

For more information: 


Landsberieder Horse and Hoof Health Days
09/28/2018 - 09/29/2018

Themes: orthopaedic shoeing, laminitis, care products, shoeing sport horses

At the end of September, the Center for Horse and Hoof Health will host the Landsberieder Horse and Hoof Health Days, where P & P Systems will be an exhibitor. There will be some well-known speakers and lectures on horse health issues, with hooves in the spotlight. Practical demonstrations with various types of shoeing for the treatment of orthopedic problems, as well as the presentation of various shoe fittings, are on the program.

Dr. Steve O'Grady on the topic of underrunned heels/ sand cracks - causes and correction
Andreas Hundsmann on the theme of sand cracks and example cases
Jan Krogh on the topic of shoeing sport horses
Hans Amman on the topic of care products for horse and man
Prof. Dr. Hans Geyer on the laminae of the hoof and changes in laminitis
Dr. Hans Castelijns on the subject of laminitis - shoeing, feeding
Steve O'Grady on care options in laminitis patients
Peter Loots on the topic of adhesive fitting

Further information at WORKSHOPS and


Workshop 'Bábolna'

Theme: ESPRIT alternative hoof protection and gluing techniques

On Friday, the 21st of September, a workshop on plastic fittings will take place at the National Stud Farm Bábolna in Hungary. In the morning we will present our products in the midst of the great scenery of one of the oldest stud farms in Europe to discuss the advantages of the (adhesive) plastic hoof shoeing compared to the conventional metal fittings, then we will discuss and practice the gluing technique and adjusting the fittings to the horse's hoof. In the afternoon it will be shown how the fitting is applied to the horse in practice, whereby the participants can of course also glue themselves.

Speaker: Gernot Pfeifer


Conference 'Alternative Hoof Protection'
09/08/2018 - 09/09/2018

Themes: hoof boots, plastic shoeing, adhesive fittings, composite horse shoes. instant shoes

On the first weekend of September, we will be at the conference on 'alternative hoof protection' with our ESPRIT products . Various types and possibilities of alternative shoeing and hoof protection are presented on Saturday, including adhesive fittings, artificial horn and hoof boots. Afterwards  the anniversary party 15 years  'Hufe auf Trab' and 5 years 'center for hoof care, hoof protection & horse health' takes place
Practical workshops on the topics of the previous day are held on Sunday.

Stephan Becker, Composite Horse Shoes
Ray Knightley, Epona
Martin Zimmer, Vettec
Peter Loots, GluShu & Glue-U
Thorsten Kühn, Goodsmith
Gernot Pfeifer, P&P Systems
Anja Jäckel, Hoof Boots

Further information at: WORKSHOPS


Workshop Three-Country Point
08/31/2018 – 09/01/2018

Theme: ESPRIT alternative hoof protection and gluing techniques

At the end of August, our workshop will be held in Switzerland at the HealthBalance Health Center for Animals on the subject of ESPRIT plastic fittings and adhesive technology for farriers and hoof care workers. P & P Systems introduces its proprietary products and their fastening systems, as well as the possibility of re-surfacing conventional hoof boots with the ESPRIT Horse Shoe 'DR'. There will also be a practical part of the program in the afternoon, during which the participants will be specially trained in gluing techniques and they will be able to glue themselves.

speakers:  Gernot Pfeifer, Hannes Mitterhuber

Further information at: WORKSHOPS


Workshop Horse Health

Theme: Horse Health

Sibylle Krieg on hoof boots
Zita Leimbacher on the subject of animal homeopathy in horses
Gernot Pfeifer on the subject of alternative hoof protection
Dr. med. vet. Men Bischoff and
Dr. med. vet. Benjamin Biner on the theme of horse health/ dental care

Arno Isepponi on hoof care

The workshop will take place in Switzerland, further information at: WORKSHOPS