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Medical Pads

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Medical pads are an insert in the ESPRIT Horse Boots. The ideal replacement for the outdated iron cap. The medical pads can be cut to size and placed in the horse shoe, which was adapted to the hoof.
More information about the Medical:
For hoof injuries in the sole area such as abscesses/ulceration in the hoof, hot nails, trush, bruises, open wounds, hoof cancer, etc., a daily medical wound care is essential. In order to protect the bandage or the insoles and to allow the horse to move, the blacksmith has hitherto nailed a special fitting with a "cover iron". A horseshoe, which is adapted with a removable metal lid to protect sole injuries in the healing phase.
So far, it was a great effort and additional stress for the horse and the injured hoof to treat the wound.
The ESPRIT Horse Boots "Medical" can be removed in a few steps by the horse owner, the wound supplied, and then attached to the hoof again. The silicone insert protects the hoof sole. We have sensational results and feedback and will soon be sharing some of our success stories on our blog.

Price for one piece (one hoof)