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Horse Boot Grip

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New in 2018
Horse Boot Grip, patented studs by professional hoofcare.

This 5 mm stud made of high-alloy steel was specially developed by professional hoofcare for installation in hoof boots and plastic fittings.

This new product has the following advantages:

  • Very easy installation.
  • Very good grip even with 2 or 4 studs.
  • The stud can be used on hoof boots and plastic fittings.
  • The sole of the hoof shoe only has to be drilled from the outside, which means
    that these studs can also be attached afterwards with permanently glued plastic fittings.
  • No inner part that presses on the horse's sole. (No punctate pressure on the sole of the horse).
  • Only one cordless screwdriver is required for installation.
  • The special stud head with cutting edge absorbs the forces that normally affect the thread. This keeps the stud very well in the plastic.
  • Attention: The sole thickness of hoof boots should be approx. 12 mm or more.
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