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ESPRIT Horse Boots "Medical" mit Dual Lock System

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The ESPRIT Horse Boots "MEDICAL" finally replaces the age-old cover iron.
With the ESPRIT Horse Boots "MEDICAL" it is now possible for the farrier, veterinarian and / or horse owner to attach even a fixed, paddock-compatible hoof protection with only a few movements, which enables wound care at any time.

  •     Just take off the ESPRIT Horse Boots "MEDICAL", take care of the wound and attach the ESPRIT Horse Boots "MEDICAL" to the hoof.
  •     Equipped with the new DUAL LOCK system, even better, even more sticky on the hoof
  •     no special horseshoe more necessary
  •     no hammering of hoof nails anymore, thus better blood circulation and growth
  •     much less weight than a regular cover iron
  •     much cheaper, high shock absorption, shock absorbing
  •     neither hoof glue, buckles or belt straps
  •     neither milling machine, grinder, hammer, nor anvil
  •     Heat the ESPRIT Horse Boot, adjust it on the hoof and let it cool down. DONE
  •     almost no vibration
  •     Shelf life: for about 150 riding lessons
  •     Weight: 140 grams light

Price per pair

All fittings are bendable and shape-able by hand, so there is no need for technical equipment such as anvil or hoof hammer.
The medical pads can be cut to size and placed in the fitting adapted to the hoof. Instructions for installation can be found here.
More information about the Medical:

For hoof injuries in the sole area such as abscesses/ulceration in the hoof, hot nails, bruises, open wounds, hoof cancer, etc., a daily medical wound care is essential. In order to protect the bandage or the insoles and to allow the horse to move, the blacksmith has hitherto nailed a special fitting with a "cover iron". A horseshoe, which is adapted with a removable metal lid to protect sole injuries in the healing phase.
So far, it was a great effort and additional stress for the horse to treat the wound


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The ESPRIT Horse Boots "Medical" can be removed in a few steps by the horse owner, the wound supplied, and then attached to the hoof again. The silicone insert protects the hoof sole. We have sensational results and feedbacks. We'll be posting some of the success stories on our blog soon.