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ESPRIT Horse Boots 'Adventure'

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The only hoofshoe on the market that can be bent by hand when warm, ensuring the best fit on the hoof. No chafing marks on the hoof, on bales, on skin and coat. The lower part of the Adventure consists of our special plastic and can be changed at any time. The top is made of a very durable leather of the highest quality.

  • Bendable by hand in warm condition
  • This always achieves the best possible fit on the hoof
  • open tread, so the sole area can always be optimally cleaned
  • The Esprit "Adventure" can be worn by the day, by the week, as no scouring can form what is not possible with a conventional hoof shoe
  • Life period: approx. 400 riding lessons

price per pair 

All fittings are bendable and shape-able by hand, so there is no need for any technical equipment such as anvil or hoof hammer.
Instructions for installation can be found

delivery time: 4-5 weeks due to great demand